RB Bell

RB Bell

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RBbell’s Solution

With shared footways being more congested now than ever before, the RBbell, a battery operated bike bell, was invented. Why? The answer is simple…to make yourself known to other cyclists, joggers, walkers and pedestrians when cycling. This is what the cycling community refer to as ‘courtesy’. The best part of it…the RBbell enables a simple press of a button without having to take a hand off the handlebar. RBbell is tomorrow’s bell, designed for a road bike…it boasts a modern and slick design to suit today’s modern cyclist.

A bike bell is a powerful thing. It seems the bike bell varies significantly if compared it to a car horn…people do not get annoyed when they hear a bell ring. In fact, pressing the RBbell shows courtesy to fellow cyclists, walkers, joggers and pedestrians. It merely states – “Hi, just letting you know that I’m approaching.”.

It could be said that the bike bell is a forgotten aspect of safe cycling. Remember though that making yourself known on shared footways is your responsibility. The RBbell has been designed to promote safe cycling and to encourage all cyclists to be courteous towards all others using their shared footway.

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